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Hair :

Hair Wash Only Rp70,000.00
Hair Trim Only w/o Wash Rp100,000.00
Hair Cut (Men) Rp150,000.00
Hair Cut (Kid) Rp80,000.00
Hair Cut And Blow Dry Rp250,000.00
Hair Wash Blow Dry, Styling Rp280,000.00
Blow Dry (Reguler) Rp180,000.00

Hair Straightening:

Hair Straightening Short Rp700,000.00
Hair Straightening Medium Rp1,050,000.00
Hair Straightening Long Rp1,600,000.00

Hair Smoothing:

Hair Smoothing Short Rp700,000.00
Hair Smoothing Medium Rp1,050,000.00
Hair Smoothing Long Rp1,600,000.00

Hair Keratin Treatment:

Hair Keratin Treatment Short Rp800,000.00
Hair Keratin Treatment Medium Rp1,100,000.00
Hair Keratin Treatment Long Rp1,600,000.00

Hair Highlighting:

Hair Highlighting Short Rp475,000.00
Hair Highlighting Medium Rp569,000.00
Hair Highlighting Long Rp685,000.00

Hair Coloring:

Hair Coloring Short Rp425,000.00
Hair Coloring Medium Rp495,000.00
Hair Coloring Long Rp650,000.00
Hair Coloring (Root) / Touch Up Rp395,000.00

Hair Treatments :

Brilliance & Health: Hair Mask w/o Blow dry Rp200,000.00
Rejuvenate & Repair: Hair Cream Bath Rp200,000.00
Hair Cream Bath & Blow Dry Rp280,000.00
Braiding Short Full Rp500,000.00
Braiding Mid Full Rp700,000.00
Braiding Long Full Rp1,000,000.00
Braiding Per Pcs Rp20,000.00

Eyelashes & Eyebrows :

Eyelash Tinting Rp110,000.00
Eyebrow Tinting Rp110,000.00
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting Rp210,000.00
Eyelash Tinting, Eyebrow Tinting & Waxing Rp250,000.00
Eyelashes Extension Rp550,000.00
Fill In Eyelash Extension Rp350,000.00
Soak Off Eyelashes Extension Rp100,000.00

Waxing :

Chest Rp170,000.00
Stomach (Strip) Rp80,000.00
Full Stomach Start From Rp140,000.00
Lower Back Start From Rp150,000.00
Full Back Start From Rp230,000.00
Back, Crack & Sack Start From Rp370,000.00
Regular Bikini Rp100,000.00
Brazillian Rp140,000.00
Full Leg (inc bikini) Rp230,000.00
Half Leg Rp130,000.00
Full Arm Rp130,000.00
Underarm Rp90,000.00
Lip Rp70,000.00
Chin Rp70,000.00
Eyebrow Rp70,000.00
Lip & Eyebrow Rp130,000.00
Cleopatra Wax: Head to Toe Rp420,000.00
Caesar Waxz: Back, Crack, and Sack Rp420,000.00

Makeup :

We carry a designer in house brand.

Casual Makeup Rp350,000.00

Look your best on any given day!

Special Event Makeup Rp450,000.00

When you want to look like a Queen!

*Hair and make up for a party of up to 4 guests,
requires booking 3 hours in advance.
*Parties of over 4 guests, require booking 24 hour in advance.