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Hair :

Cut Start From Rp150,000.00
Cut and Blow Dry Start From Rp250,000.00
Blow Out Start From Rp180,000.00
Wash, Roll, Set and Styling Start From Rp250,000.00
Hair Straightening Start From Rp700,000.00
Hair Smoothing Start From Rp700,000.00
Keratin Treatment: Long lasting, frizz control and hair straightening. Start From Rp800,000.00
Hair Perming Start From Rp800,000.00
Hair Wash & Hair Braiding (Per 1/2 hour) Start From Rp130,000.00
Shave or Beard Trim Start From Rp80,000.00
Hair Coloring Start From Rp480,000.00
Hair Coloring Touch Up Start From Rp395,000.00
Highlighting Start From Rp475,000.00

Hair Treatments :

Brilliance & Health: Hair Mask w/o Blow dry Rp200,000.00
Rejuvenate & Repair: Hair Cream Bath Rp200,000.00
Hair Cream Bath & Blow Dry Rp280,000.00
Egyptian Bliss Hair & Scalp Conditioning Cream Treatment Rp260,000.00

Bring back body and shine, beginning with a deep cleansing organic Cleopatra blend .Relax with a combination scalp, neck and shoulder massage .Followed by a deep penetration conditioning hair steam  Final rinse. (Blow dry upon request)

Eyelashes & Eyebrows :

Eyelash Tinting Rp110,000.00
Eyebrow Tinting Rp110,000.00
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting Rp210,000.00
Eyelash Tinting, Eyebrow Tinting & Waxing Rp250,000.00

Waxing :

Chest Rp170,000.00
Stomach (Strip) Rp80,000.00
Full Stomach Start From Rp140,000.00
Lower Back Start From Rp150,000.00
Full Back Start From Rp230,000.00
Back, Crack & Sack Start From Rp370,000.00
Regular Bikini Rp100,000.00
Brazillian Rp140,000.00
Full Leg (inc bikini) Rp230,000.00
Half Leg Rp130,000.00
Full Arm Rp130,000.00
Underarm Rp90,000.00
Lip Rp70,000.00
Chin Rp70,000.00
Eyebrow Rp70,000.00
Lip & Eyebrow Rp130,000.00
Cleopatra Wax: Head to Toe Rp420,000.00
Caesar Waxz: Back, Crack, and Sack Rp420,000.00

Makeup :

We carry a designer in house brand.

Casual Makeup Rp350,000.00

Look your best on any given day!

Special Event Makeup Rp450,000.00

When you want to look like a Queen!

*Hair and make up for a party of up to 4 guests,
requires booking 3 hours in advance.
*Parties of over 4 guests, require booking 24 hour in advance.

Cleopatra Eyelash Extentions

Fill in / Refill Start From Rp350,000.00
Full Sets      Start From       Rp550,000.00 to Rp750,000.00