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Naked Manicure: No Polish (30 min) Rp120,000.00
Cleopatra Manicure (45 min) Rp140,000.00
Cleopatra French Manicure (60 min) Rp170,000.00
Goddess Manicure: With Paraffin Treatment & Hand Reflexology (90 min) Rp280,000.00
O.P.I. Gel Colour Manicure Rp280,000.00
O.P.I. Gel Colour French Manicure Rp320,000.00
Shellac Colour Manicure Rp340,000.00
Shellac French Manicure Rp400,000.00
Tiny Tots Manicure: Under 10 (30 min) Rp70,000.00

Acrylic Gel Nails

(Please contact prior to treatment)

O.P.I. Absolute Acrylic Full Set Clear/French Rp600,000.00
O.P.I. Absolute Acrylic Full Set Colour Rp670,000.00
O.P.I. Absolute Acrylic Refill Rp350,000.00
O.P.I. Absolute Acrylic Repair Per Nail Rp60,000.00
O.P.I. Axxium Gel Full Set Clear/French Rp680,000.00
O.P.I. Axxium Gel Full Set Colour Rp780,000.00
O.P.I. Axxium Gel Refill Rp450,000.00
O.P.I. Axxium Gel Repair Per Nail Rp70,000.00
O.P.I. Gel Colour: Additional Rp170,000.00
Shellac Colour: Additional Rp230,000.00


Naked Pedicure: No Polish (30 min) Rp150,000.00
Cleopatra Pedicure (45 min) Rp170,000.00
Cleopatra’s French Pedicure (60 min) Rp220,000.00
Goddess Pedicure: With Foot Mask & Reflexology (90 min) Rp300,000.00
O.P.I. Gel Colour Pedicure Rp320,000.00
O.P.I. Gel Colour French Pedicure Rp350,000.00
Shellac Colour Pedicure Rp370,000.00
Shellac French Pedicure Rp430,000.00
Tiny Tots Pedicure: Under 10 (30 min) Rp80,000.00


House Nail Polish: O.P.I. & Orly

Polish Change Rp60,000.00
Gel Top Coat Rp60,000.00
Soak Off Gel From Another Salon Rp60,000.00
Paraffin Dip Rp60,000.00

Nail Polish for Fashionista

Add On To Manicure / Pedicure Rp60,000.00
French Tips Rp90,000.00
Polish Change Rp90,000.00
Designer Nail Art Per Nail Rp15,000.00