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Our most popular & rare signature treatments is Cleopatra Spa Chakra Drip, which has been used for centuries for remove energy blocks, heal the mind, the body and the soul. Allow us to pamper you with this incredibly gentle, pleasureable and beneficial luxury theraphy.

Treatments which have a note *** in front of them, require a minimum of 4 hours  notice in order to prepare the ingredients and reserve your space. We can treat up to 2 person at once on all of our signature treatments which include a bath. So couples or good friends are invited to relax and be pampered together!

* All signature treatments come with a complimentary signature Cleopatra Spa beverage

Divine Pampering Package

Pamper yourself and choose from a decadent aloe vera or seaweed facial, to repair and balance your skin  Followed by a calming hair and scalp conditioning cream bath, as well as a relaxing head massage  Culminating, with a gorgeous Mani / Pedi, to leave you looking divine & flawless from head to toe.

Divine Pampering Package (2 hours) Rp700,000.00

Royal Pyramid Package

Begin your pampering experience with a gentle exfoliating body scrub, using a blend of traditional Balinese herbal extracts, called Lulur, to soften and smooth your skin .Followed by full body, aloe vera or seaweed masque, to nourish and repair skin cells . Then restore your mind, body and soul in a luxurious and relaxing milk bath .Finally, drift into heaven, while 2 therapists spoil you with a simultaneous foot massage and facial, with your choice of an aloe vera or seaweed; to stimulate, repair and hydrate your skin back to its original state of healthy vibrance.

Royal Pyramid Package (2,5 hours) Rp720,000.00

Royal Bliss

Begin with our gentle signature organic, smoothing body scrub  Followed by a purifying & softening, organic facial masque.

Royal Bliss (90 min) Rp300,000.00

Royal Lulur

This is traditionally a Royal ceremonial treatment, beginning with a luxury 1 hour full body Balinese massage  Followed by a gentle exfoliating organic scrub and accompanied by a soothing yogurt splash  Then, step into a specially prepared warm milk bath and relax into royal luxury.

Royal Lulur w/o Bath: 90 min Rp260,000.00
Royal Lulur w/ Bath: 2 hours Rp320,000.00

Cleopatras Slimming Therapy

Begin with a gentle warm towel, head to toe body wash .Followed by a luxury 1 hour full body massage, using our signature organic herbal blend, designed to burn excess fat and reduce cellulite . Then continue slimming and sculpting with a full body wrap, in Cleopatra Spas signature organic slimming body mask .Finally, slip into a specially prepared bath filled with our signature slimming recipe and unwind.

Cleopatras Slimming Therapy (3 hours) Rp760,000.00

***Royal Milk & Honey

Begin the royal treatment with a luxury 1 hour full body massage, to de-stress & unwind. Then relax & melt under a luxurious milk & honey Chakra Drip, as your energy points are rejuvenated and restored.

Royal Milk & Honey (90 min) Rp350,000.00

***Platinum Royal Bliss

Step into bliss wit a luxury 1 hour full body massage, by specially trained therapists, who will knead your cares away. Followed by a gentle organic papaya, honey milk powder and essential oil scrub. Then allow us to spoil you with a generously applied organic papaya, honey and yogurt body masque. And melt you into a state of complete relaxation, as you lay under a warm milk & honey Chackra Drip to revive your energy centers, allowing your body to completely de-stress. Your royal bliss therapy will ulminate in an Egyptian royal milk & honey bath with organic papaya, lemon juice, yogurt and essential oils. Leaving you feeling fully restores, relaxed and glowing.

Platinum Royal Bliss (3 hours) Rp760,000.00

***Cleopatras Short Ritual

Float away with a luxury 1 hour full body massage, using our choice of signature organics oils. Then slip into decadent royal milk bath and melt your stress away.

Cleopatras Short Ritual (90 min) Rp340,000.00

***Chakra Milk & Honey Drip

Sit down and close your eyes, as warm milk blended with raw Balinese honey are slowly dripped onto vital Chackra points, to unlock your body's natural healing and detoxificiation, while we putting you into a state of deep relaxation.

Chakra Milk & Honey Drip (30 min) Rp240,000.00

Mini Chocolate & Coffee Ceremony

Begin your royal relaxation ceremony, with a luxury 1 hour full body organic essential oil massage Followed by a deliciously detoxifying raw honey, coffee and raw chocolate body masque.

Mini Chocolate & Coffee Ceremony (90 min) Rp320,000.00

***Cleo's Chocolate & Coffee Ceremony

This signature Cleopatra Spa Treatment begins with luxury 1 hour full body massage with warm organic cacao butter. Followed a gentle organic coffee, coconut and milk scrub. Then restore your skin with raw honey, chocolate and coffee body masque. Finally, let us spoil you with royal coconut milk & honey bath.

Cleo’s Chocolate & Coffe Ceremony (3 hours) Rp760,000.00

***Radiance Ritual

Begin your ritual with a luxury 1 hour full body massage. Followed by a gentle purifying full body scrub, with aloe vera, raw Balinese honey and mint. Then decompress with a decadent milk bath and walk away feeling relaxed, light and radiant.

Radiance Ritual (2 hours) Rp360,000.00

***Radiant Purification Ritual

Allow us to treat you to an extravagant and well deserved, royal purification, which will leave you radiant and relaxed. Begin with a luxury 1 hour full body massage. Followed by decadent and gentle expoliating body scrub using mil, aloe vera, mint, raw honey and tropical fruits. Then turn back the clock y repairing damaged skin cells with aloe vera & seaweed body masque blended wth pure milk & honey, to hydrate and smooth your skin. You can then slip into purifying and soothing Royal Milk bath, blended with organic essential oils and let your worries melt away. Finish your Royal Purification with a raw honey and yogurt facial, combined with a pure milk cream bath for your hari and gorgeus manicure and pedicure. Leaving you soft, carefree, renewed and radiant!.

This treatment includes a complimentari Cleopatra Spa special gift. You will leave walking on clouds knowing you have received one of the finest signature treatments Bali has to offer

Radiant Purification Ritual (4 hours) Rp1,400,000.00

***Pharaohs Ritual

Pampering and bliss begin with luxury 1 hour full body massage. Followed by a purifying full body scrub with milk, aloe vera, raw Balinese honey and mint. Then complete decompress with a decadent milk bath. Finish with a raw Balinese honey & yogurt facial, to restore your softnes & glow

Pharaohs Ritual (3 hours) Rp740,000.00